Since their inception in 2019 as event promoters of the techno and house music scene in Singapore, Manifest has orchestrated a series of niche, lifestyle events boasting a meticulously curated lineup of local DJs and their own resident artists. Offering an unparalleled experience, they've delighted enthusiasts with the likes of the Deep House SO/ Pool Parties, the rhythmic Afro-house-infused Jungle Beats, and the enigmatic underground Techno soirées. Throughout their journey, they've proudly engaged in collaborations with diverse brands, infusing their unique brand of revelry into product launches and events, marking a testament to their distinct influence on the scene. Taking place at 1-Altitude Coast, attendees are invited to immerse themselves in a unique event that blends the vibrant spirit of Singapore's techno and house music scene with the breathtaking ambiance of the venue.
Album consists of photos taken from Manifest Pool Party 29th July 2023 and Majulah Pool Party 5th August 2023.
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