The Porsche World Road Show 2023 was an eagerly anticipated event that brought together car enthusiasts and Porsche aficionados from around the world. While the event encompassed a wide range of Porsche models, the highlight of the show was undoubtedly the launch of the GT3 RS for the first time in Singapore.
With a combined horsepower of over 10,000 from the participating cars, attendees were treated to an exhilarating display of automotive prowess. The event showcased a diverse lineup of Porsche vehicles, including the renowned 911, the cutting-edge Taycan electric sedan, and the versatile SUV models such as the Cayenne and Macan.
Participants had the opportunity to engage in thrilling test drives, exploring the acceleration, handling, and overall capabilities of the vehicles. Guided by professional instructors, attendees could push the cars to their limits in a controlled environment, experiencing the adrenaline-inducing performance firsthand.
The event demonstrated Porsche's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional driving experiences, solidifying its reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance vehicles. The Porsche World Road Show in 2023 successfully showcased the brand's legacy and continued dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence.
Event photography and videography for OneShift.

Porsche World Road Show Singapore 2023 Part 1

Porsche World Road Show Singapore 2023 Part 2

First look at the Porsche GT3 RS

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